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Cleanse Your Gut with Iaso® Tea Instant

Enjoy the detox benefits of the original Iaso® Tea in an all-natural instant formula.

This proprietary blend is equipped with three incredible, all-natural extracts and combined with Nutriose® FM06 (a soluble dextrin fiber) to help suppress your appetite. Other benefits include:

  • Increase in Daily Energy*
  • Relief of Inflammatory Gut Issues*
  • The Sensation of Feeling Full*
  • Relief of Constipation*
  • Better Night's Rest*

Iaso Tea Will Help You To:

Detox Your
Digestive System

Burn Calories

Daily Energy

Suppress Your

Iaso Tea Ingredients

Made In The USA

Iaso Tea and other products from Total Life Changes are proudly made in the USA.

Iaso Tea is made from premium quality ingredients in FDA registered, GMP certified facility.

Some Ingredients Include:

  • Soluble Fiber Dextrin
  • Cassia Angustifolia Extract
  • Carica Papaya Extract
  • Matricaria Chamomilla Extract
Total Life Changes

*Popular benefits of this detox formula include weight loss & weight management, a boost in energy, mental clarity, improved skin, and a gentle cleansing of your intestines and internal organs.*

How It Works:

Empty two sachets of Instant Iaso Tea into 8 oz water, mix well and then drink 30 minutes before your meal.


The addition of soluble fiber in Iaso® Tea Instant’s formula is designed to reduce appetite too, so you will feel fuller longer and eat less too.

Iaso Tea Customer Reviews:

I'm less bloated and have already lost a few pounds.

--Candace Laurence

I've tried many weight loss tea before and I must admit the Iaso Tea is by far the best I've ever had. I've been drinking it for 9 days now; I'm less bloated and have already lost a few pounds.

I’m loving how the pounds are dropping!!!

--Taylor Washington

I drink this tea about 4-5 times a week & do a 3-5 mile walk each day. I’m loving how the pounds are dropping!!!

BEST Product Ever!!!

--Erika Batista

Best product ever ! I had felt so much better using them ! And lost my big belly too ordering again!

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